Fungi pictures

The names in parentheses are those identified by Tom May (Melbourne Royal Botanic gardens).

He writes:

General tip about fungal photos: get close (fill the frame with the fungus), and show the underside of the fungus (gills, pores etc.). One way is to pull out a fruit body of a group and lay it next to the others with the underside visible. If I haven't been able to identify the picture, usually because I can't tell from the photo (not close enough of need other information not visible), but note that many species are yet to be named, and those that are named can be difficult to identify just from photos (may need to know microscopic details for precise identification).

Pigeon house

(Austroboletus sp. (will have pores underneath))

Bass bush

(looks more like Peziza whitei (native truffle))

Amanita ananaeceps(Ok)

Amanita ananaeceps

(Ramaria ochraceosalmonicolor)

Clavulinopsis amoena

Cortinarius austrovenetus(OK, now known as Dermocybe austroveneta (Fungimap Target))

Cortinarius ochraceus(Ok)

Cortinarius ochraceus

(the discs are like Bisporella, the coral is likely Clavulina)

(Hypholoma fasciculare)

Dean's marsh

(probably Amanita ochrophylla)

distillery creek

] Pleurotus nidiformis(now known as Omphalotus nidiformis (Fungimap Target))

] Pleurotus nidiformis

Adelaide hills

An interesting species of green fungus.(Dermocybe austroveneta (Fungimap Target - NICE!))

An interesting star puffball.(Scleroderma (old specimen))

link This is the only example I could find of this yellow and red fungus.(possible Amanita xanthocephala but cant be sure)

link A yellow fungus that covered the entire hill.(Dermocybe sp.)

link An interesting fungus with points.(Lepiotaceae sp.)

link This orange fungus probably is attacking the tree.(could be Gymnopilus pampeanus)

link A rather large fungus here, not sure of the species, but it was 25cm in diameter.

cora-lynne falls

(Stereum ostrea (Fungimap Target))

(Stereum ostrea (Fungimap Target, nice shot of general habit))


Concretius vulgaris

Melba Gully, Otways Ranges

(Scutellinia sp.)

triplet falls, otways ranges

Marasmius *(Marasmius elegans (Fungimap Target, good shot of top))

(slime mould)

The grange

link (Coltricia cinnamomea)

link (Pisolithus tinctorius)

link (Pycnoporus coccineus)


Pictures from around our garden.

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