Plant identified

From my royal NP post I mentioned this plant:

I have absolutely no idea what this is.

After some fruitless searching I gave up and asked in the experts at National Parks (from the headers it bounced around a while before someone recognised it). I love the fact that we have such a great resource:

Hi Nathan -

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the plant oddity you have photographed.

It is Psilotum nudum - an ancient plant relic that is found growing in sandstone crevices. Your subject is a very young plant and, as they advance, they become quite multi-branched. As a primitive plant it has no leaves or roots. It's closest living relatives are the ferns, and the nodules that are noticeable on the stems are actually sporangia.

It is often known as 'the plant that evolution forgot'.

With regards,

Glen Harvey
Senior Information Officer
Sydney South Region
Parks and Wildlife Division
Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water