A trip to Royal National Park

Royal National Park is a big chunk of bush land south of Sydney. You can get there by train from central.

I wanted to have a good chunk of day, so I got up early.

Had breakfast at the cheap and cheerful cafe at the entrance to my temp accomadation.

To get to Royal NAtional Park you catch the train to Loftus, then either walk, or catch the tram.

The trams are run by a historical group, which also includes a museum.

Here's the easy way to control weeds growing on your wooden sleepered right of way.

The tram wanders through some bushland, occasionally terrifying a cyclist with its deafening loco horn.

The national park end tram station is actually an old mainline station supposedly closed in the 50s, though this station shelter looks more early 90s to me.

There are a surprising number of grevilleas in the sydney area

The view from the lookout.

A 3d shot of an Epacris longiflora

I walked to the bottom looking for a kiosk. Apparently it will be open in 2011, decided I was too hungry for that.

A wild Platycerium bifurcatum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platycerium_bifurcatum!

Rock felt fern.

I have absolutely no idea what this is.

Saw lots of orchids, this one I managed to get a half decent photo of. Lots of Pt baptistii I think.

Cute orange slater