Poffertjes for slackers

I quite like poffertjes, sort of mini pikelets traditionally made with yeast. You can buy them at the farmers market, but they are $12 a serve. I'm not usually willing to wait for yeast to rise (a recent crumpet project took 3 hours, far too long for breakfast). So I aimed to make poffertjes using self raising flour. My suspicion was that the key to poffertjes is mostly in the size and liberal use of butter. So I started with a normal pancake mix of 2:1 flour:sugar with milk (emulsifier and water source) and oil. Fried in butter they were too sweet and rather unfilling.

Second batter was 4 flour:1 sugar with an egg, milk and oil. A better butter batter, but, er, a bit, er, sweet.

With this bitter sweet victory I figured I'd try 6:1 this morning. I used two eggs but forgot the sugar entirely. Delicious.

Fake poffertjes for slackers

Mix all together in a bowl

Put your cast iron pancake pan on the induction cooker at 600W (and wait until it is browning the butter)

Dollop batter on with a dessert spoon to make 50mm cakes. Put more butter on when the pan runs dry.

Slice an apple onto the pan around the cakes

Eat out of the pan with a nice cup of free trade coffee. (I mean eat them and drink the coffee within a short period of time, not to use the coffee as a fork)