Tobin and I put in the other beam in the new kitchen.

The first step was to remove the charming original cupboards (we're hoping to build the new cupboards in the same style, but with more drawers and more bench space):

Above the zombie attack hole is the original 'stove vent'. Someone had the brilliant idea of covering it with an insulation batt to stop drafts. The batt was completely covered in congealled fat, a fire waiting to happen:

Tobin offered to come around at this point, which was handy because the top shelf is suspended, and really required two people for safe demolition.

At this point we've removed the studs apart from the corner which holds up the ceiling. The beam will sit in the gap provided by the corner beam next to the back door:

Due to the magic of photography you can't see the careful testing and cutting and chiselling of the beam, instead I present the final placement. It does look lovely doesn't it. We planed and sanded and oiled it on the day. The house is still filled with the delightful citrus odour of tung oil:

An action shot of me removing the last of the studs. Look! The ceiling isn't falling in: