Attic gaps

Nick writes:
Dr Nathan Hurst <> wrote:

> Ok, I put another R3.5 in the ceiling last night and this morning, > despite last night's storm, the house is still warm.  I laid the > batts across the ceiling joists, 90 degrees from their direction, > which will probably also help with air tightness and heat loss through > the joists themselves.

BPI would say "airseal first!" They also say over and over that fiberglass does not stop air infiltration. You might get your house blower-door tested and seal some holes in the attic floor.

So I set up a wind powered blower door test and I have indeed found some air leaks.

In this first picture we can see a bit of cellulose insulation has leaked down between the cornice and the wall.

In this picture we see some narrow gaps between the floor boards.

I'm sure this gap will be leaking some air:

If you look closely there is a gap between the plaster boards:

Finally, there is I think a small gap between the door frame and the wall: