Why Conservatives Should Care About Transit

The Overhead Wire pasted this wonderful article on car dependency.

As the market diminishes for these specialized stores, so too does opportunity for small-scale entrepreneurship. If opening a small business were a viable option in more markets, more Americans would be interested in starting them. The current situation, where only very large stores can compete in most retail environments, makes starting a business impossible for the vast majority of Americans.

Libertarianism is predicated on lots of small players, but with the field tilted so far towards big business this can never happen. Family values can't happen if the family is constantly driving in their own cars everywhere.

Parents must shuttle their children to school, soccer practice, and even their friends’ houses until the children can shuttle themselves (at peril to their lives) in late adolescence. Not only does this overburden families themselves, it prevents the participation of community members in sharing the burdens of child-rearing.