Shooting stars, and machines for shooting stars

We went up to the Lick observatory and made lots of lick jokes. (A lick sense of humour or a sick lens of humour?) Mt Hamilton, upon which it rests, is about the same height as Mt Donna-Buang. But they are very different, despite the bay area's similar climate. Donna Buang gets 2m or more of rain, Hamilton only 600mm. Donna-buang is covered in cool temperate rainforest, snow gums and alpine ash to 80m or more. Hamilton has some stunted oaks and ground hugging plants.

Both however have a nice road up to the top and both have spectacular views. Both are popular with cyclists.

Death ray, with the unnecessarily slow roof opening mechanism

Earthquake or land slip?

Delphiniums blue, shooting stars red.

A Californian buttercup

The great dome.

The rare alpine mushroom, telescopus optica

The road was made for ox and dray.


We saw shooting stars. Mum says "Shooting stars look like wild cyclamen . Very pretty". Well the leaves are very different, but wikipedia says "Cyclamen is a genus of 23 species of flowering plants, traditionally classified in the family Primulaceae, but in recent years reclassified in the family Myrsinaceae." whereas the shooting stars are "Dodecatheon is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the Primrose family Primulaceae." So in fact mum were not the only person to link the two :)

Me chilling out

Lynne less chilling out (she remembered her jumper)