On overhead wires

What is the problem with overhead wires? Many people have complained to me about overhead wires with respect to electric transport. "They're ugly!" But really, are they any uglier than traffic lights, street signs, chewing gum spots, street lamps, box air conditioners or mysterious stains on the foot path?

Let's look at it another way, Duany claims that people like to have narrow streets because it defines a room which is somehow comforting (see also rabbits with pancakes on their heads). We can take this idea a step further and say that people like the impression of a roof - that's why people like avenues, pergolas, awnings, shade sails, banners from lights etc. I think overhead wires can fulfill this role in cities.

You can of course make the wires more attractive with seasonal decorations. Grow vines along them. Make interesting support structures. Run tiny LED lights along them.

Random thought: trolley buses are somewhat prone to losing a trolley pole. Perhaps someone can design an active tracking mechanism which watches where the wire is going and steers the poles more accurately with servos?


(08:31:48 PM) alexmac: you need some kind of prize for writing a post about overhead wires, yet managing to reference rabbits wearing pancakes :)