words of the day

Abstergent: cleansing or scouring; for washing your tummy

Agrestic: rural, rustic, unpolished, uncouth;

Apodeictic: unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration;

Caducity: perishableness, senility;

Calignosity: dimness, darkness; overuse of swirly fonts

Embrangle: to confuse or entangle;

Exuviate: to shed (a skin or similar outer covering);

Fatidical: prophetic;

Griseous: streaked or mixed with grey; somewhat grey;

Malison: a curse;

Mansuetude: gentleness, mildness; The dog got my good shoes

Niddering: cowardly; What grandparents do

Nitid: bright, glistening; As opposed to wovin

Olid: foul-smelling; Technical term for the toilet seat

Oppugnant: combative, antagonistic or contrary; too much gold bling

Periapt: a charm or amulet;

Recrement: waste matter; refuse; dross; artificial poo

Roborant: tending to fortify or increase strength; Perl based blog generation

Vaticinate: to foretell; prophecy; explain Catholic doctrine

Vilipend: to treat or regard with contempt.

From The Age from The (london) Times