been busy!

I've been rather busy with projects of late, so little blogging action.

Selby Markham gave a good talk yesterday, one of his themes was that the web gives undue credibility to stupid ideas. Anyone can post rubbish, and it gets picked up as tho' it were fact.

So I'll just mention some rubbish that I've seen going around lately:

a) bikes produce more fossil CO2 than cars.

This is based on the supposition that riding a bike causes an increase in energy consumption which the rider must supply with feedlot beef from the other hemisphere. Apparently car drivers don't eat as much - which is why they are fatter on average...

I power my bike on locally grown fruit and veggies, grown organically. Which suggests a low CO2 footprint

b) public transport is less efficient than cars.

This is based (as far as I can tell) on comparing actually usage in the USA (which until the last few years had woeful load factors) to ideal performance from cars (whilst neglecting any terms which were unhelpful, such as induced demand, and heart bypass surgery).

I'll also link to James' analysis again, just because it is the most believable.