light rail is faster than a car, off peak, even when you've just missed the train

A colleague and I were talking today, and I missed the early train which would have given me 15 minutes to get to my appointment, the next train would have left me with 1 minute to walk to the appointment (which was about 1 minute from the station). So, he offered to drive me as my appointment was on his way home. When we were just a min from the appointment we got to the light rail station where the boom gates went down and we watched the train to go past... So I can now say that at 6:10 on a weekday, when most of the traffic has cleared, the light rail is roughly 40% faster than driving. Which surprised me greatly.

(A similar experiment surprised topgear.)


(08:20:05 PM) pfh: and that's the worst case scenario for public transport

(11:56:31 AM) njh: (Not quite, the worst case is when there is a public transport strike, your bike has been crushed by a meteor shower, you've got an infected blister on the sole of your foot, and you have a jet helicopter waiting on standby at your backdoor.)