On schools and vocational training

US schools look remarkably like US prisons. I asked mental why.

(11:21:23 PM) MenTaLguY: The foundations of the modern educational philosophy also go back to a bunch of meddling social engineers who decided vocational training and "guidance" was more important than education. They're putting kids on career tracks in middle/high school now.
(11:22:33 PM) njh: eventually they will have it all planned from birth
(11:23:05 PM) njh: perhaps you will be allocated a vocation as a parent, and they GM your baby to make them suited to that task
(11:23:21 PM) njh: so retail will mean endless patience
(11:23:30 PM) njh: programming will mean endless patience
(11:23:41 PM) njh: doctors will mean endless patients
(11:23:52 PM) njh: lawyers will mean endless patents
(11:24:12 PM) njh: casino workers will mean endless pay-chance
(11:24:37 PM) njh: union workers will end less-pay chance

So now you know.