PT rant for the day

A monthly VTA pass costs $61.25. Lloyd says that the standing cost of an old banger (already depreciated, not including petrol) is $1000 which is more than the $735 a year for PT. Now the city of San Jose has a population of 920000. If everyone bought a monthly ticket that would be a total of $672M a year. You can buy a mighty fine public transport system for $672M/year - even borrowing money at 10% that's a capital value of nearly $7billion or half the cost of the entire BART system. Another way of looking at it is that the VTA light rail extension from woz way to winchester (with tunnels and overpasses) had a total cost of $314M / 5.3miles or $60M/mile. That's 10 new miles of light rail (including platforms and rolling stock) or 2000 new buses and drivers a year.