Partial assembly of the amp

People have noted that having a pile of PCBs on top of the speaker in our lounge room is not entirely æsthetic (pjrm points out that the word æsthetic isn't æsthetic either).

The case is a woven jewel box Lynne found at a craft store - lots of ventilation. I think the heavy duty CPU heatsink is going to have to go, but exactly how to arrange the cooling is a tricky question. I quite like the copper colour computer heatsinks, but it has to all fit in the box. With the lid closed and the power on it has a lovely blue glow exuding from the box. The knob 'on the front' is actually the subwoofer adjustment. Eventually it will have a volume control on the front and the tuning parameters will be moved inside.

I can get measurable response down to 5Hz (I can practically drive the sub with DC, but the room pressure equalises pretty quickly). I also need to refine the in and out points on the device. It would be cool to have a display inside the lid showing settings and stuff, but has little technical merit. Also cute would be to make opening the lid the on switch, but again, dubious merit.