Coco Peat for Cuttings

For the last month or so I've been running an experiment to compare the strike rates of cuttings in cocopeat vs in regular potting mix. I used the same source plants, with Tetragonia tetragonoides, Isopogon formosus, Verticordia chrysantha and a commercial Brachyscombe variety. I did 10 of each cutting in identical conditions in cocopeat, amgrow native plant mix or a 50-50 mixture of both. The plants are watered with a mister system from tank water with a weekly dousing with seasol + fish water + charlie carp.

The results so far: All the 100% amgrow mixture have struck, except for one isopogon, which appears to have dried out. about 70% of the mixture plants have struck, with no deaths and 20% of the cocopeat only mixture have struck, with 1 verticordia death.

I haven't worked out how to do significance testing on this, but I think I'll be using straight amgrow in the future, at least for these species. I'm not sure what the cocopeat does, perhaps the plant isn't stressed enough to grow roots, or perhaps there is something missing in the cocopeat (though I thought the seasol would be sufficient).