An update on the GH project

It's time for an update on the GH and aquaponics project. I've done the photo thing so let's have a look at how things are going.

Fish tank:

(and a reminder of what it looked like when I put it in the ground:

Filtration system, showing rockface colonisation project, bog garden, living wall and :

Veggies growing on fish nutrients:

Multistorey plant park (old AV stand):





Basils and skipper butterfly(greenish grass dart, ocybadistes walkeri?):

Front yard:

Ephemeral wetland (was full on recent rainy day), has lots of small growing forbs:

Corn, rather poor showing this year, though we'll probably get 10 ears):

Yours truly with the chesh-pus:

Chesh-pus less happy:

Roses love AP water:

Greenhouse seedlings:

Cutting factory:

Lythrum, native water plant, in bog filter garden:

The Swamp Of Brief Dispair

Heat exchanger busy cooling greenhouse and heating water:

Obligatory plumbing photo: