Lynne bought a new camera today, a Canon Powershot A430. She has been eyeing it off since we borrowed mum's one. It was on special at kmart $169, but they'd sold out, so she got it at hardley normal for the same price (they matched the special).

She also bought some velcro for me on her jaunt to the craft shop, so I finally got around to putting up my living wall cuttings. I started with plants that already had roots and were epiphytes (such as some Dockrillia sp.), then I thought "what about ground covers?", so I grabbed a few self-layering groundcovers with roots. Then I figured, "considering they are always moist, they'll probably strike on the surface anyway", so I attached a few without roots. Then I figured, "what the heck, let's just try a few random plants and see if they strike too" :) There's even a basil...