Well voting was slow this time around - there was a queue of 100 people or more and we moved only slowly to the booths. I eventually performed my 10 seconds of democracy and we went home to do the turkey. We did thanksgiving with Kevin Korb,(my boss), Neil Thomason, Ann Nicholson (another boss) and her SO Paul, with the accompaniment of Ann's kids.

We had many diverse entertainments, including considerable analysis of the election. At first it looked like the Greens were going to get a seat in the lower house and a few in the upper house, but then they found another box from Diebold and the status quo was restored. Pity.

After the kids got stroppy, Neil, Kevin, Lynne and I had a good long chat about Peter Andrew's results. I interested Neil enough to want to follow it up, and I'm hoping he will get interested enough to think about doing some study on the problem. Neil is an expert in measuring statistical worth as well as knowledgable about environmental policy, and I think he could make an excellent contribution to understanding and restoring Australia's declining farmland.