I spoke with Frank Fisher today about his effective speed stuff. We had a good chat, and I should follow up Paul Tranter and find out his exact methodology. Frank and I are going to meet up next week, and hopefully nut out some ideas I've had about transportation.

Got mild food poisoning from the honours BBQ again (every year...). You'd think I'd learn :)

My cobweb chapter has been annoying me for a long time (about 5 years) because I know it's wrong, but I couldn't explain exactly why the idea (which so many people have tried, and all have failed) doesn't work. I had been distracted by the concept of computability and more importantly, the difficulty in understanding code. As tempting as this line of argument was, it was not satisfying, and I couldn't convince Kim of its truth.

I realised in our meeting that the problem is not the fact that one-way constraints can compute anything (for sure that is useful), but that it doesn't perform optimisation. All our later (more successful) work has modelled page layout as a minimisation problem with hard constraints. It is simply not practical to design an adaptive layout that is computed without minimisation (perhaps I should add this to my conclusion), because minimisation is the only way we know how to handle tradeoffs.

So I'm feeling a lot better about the flow of my thesis. On the topic of thesises, Jiri got his accepted with corrections and enhancements.