Lynne and I rode to the Dandenong show today to look at chickens. Had a good chat with some people on the local council about bike paths and about frogs. I think I'll write a letter to the council asking them to put a bike path along the railway reserve.

It is legal to own striped marsh frogs and there are a number of places that they can bought.

The chicken people suggested we get a rhode island red, leghorn or an australope. I think we learnt more about pigeons than chickens though :) They had a nifty pigeon that looked like a dinosaurs.

My suspended creek collapsed today. It's been threatening to unzip from the side for a while now, but obviously today something triggered a complete collapse. It looks like a stress fracture in the glass fibre, induced by the cat jumping down into the creek repeatedly. I take my hat off to Charles Greif for predicting this failure mode.

I spent an hour waste deep in water filled with floating things, worms, old cowpoo and plants fishing things out, but now I have to work out how to put it all back again... My requirement for replacement is that I can walk around on it without it visibly stretching or moving.

We tried using a piece of shadecloth, but the weave means that it just stretched. Tomorrow I'll try running it the other direction and see if it is any better.

I think I'll also use less soil substrate as it gets wet and heavy.