Spent considerable time trying to illustrate where CobWeb (and Jacobs, and Lumley) break down for page layout. It's hard to make a simple to follow example because the problem is due to induced complexity rather than any specific isolatable problem. The fact that at least eight people have proposed the same model for layout and all have given up on it suggests something is wrong, but what I haven't quite demonstrated.

I sketched out three illustrative cases, but on further reflection 2 are not compelling.

Today I had lunch with pfh -- we aimed to go to the pizza shop on the highway, but it's closed friday lunchtime. Went next door to a well-known Malaysian place.

I'm trying to find some decent blogging software -- everyone is asking me to write my thoughts down, but every blogging system I've used has been tedious enough that I've given up after a month or two. I looked at blosxom, pyblosxom and aether (a pfh special).

Sitting in my comfy chair I discovered that our study is such that I can get the full stereophonic effect sitting a chair behind the speakers. Will have to investigate further -- might lead to a way to increase the path length of sound without increasing the space.

Been thinking lots about Hans Monderman's sign-less roads (http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.12/traffic.html) -- he feels that traffic lights make drivers aggressive, fast moving, irritable and more selfish. This feels very much like the discovery years ago that controlling, regulating and channeling rivers makes them aggressive, fast moving, navigable and less shellfish. The confinement of the mississipi and danube have been blamed for their recent flooding.

Pjrm and I spent some time discussing automating corn and bean harvesting from mixed crop plantation.

It is now official -- I have a 0.9 job next year. The only trick is working out when it starts. I've got the tail of my * to complete, a contract job on machine learning and a bunch of papers with nearing deadlines.